Campground etiquette is about being a good neighbour and taking care of the beautiful surroundings we’re there to enjoy. Here are the campground etiquette rules we follow to ensure everyone enjoys their time, and our campsites are left even better than we found them.

Enjoy the tranquility of quiet time 

Respecting campground quiet hours helps everyone have a good night’s sleep, both those turning in early, and the night owls that want to sleep in the following morning. 

Pack In, Pack Out

Be prepared to bring home everything that you bring to the campsite, especially if you’re camping in more remote or undeveloped spots. In developed campgrounds you’ll generally find garbage bins, but not every campground offers recycle bins, so pack along a few bags to sort your recyclables into for the trip home. 

Mind your pets 

Most campgrounds require pets to be on a leash at all time, so be sure to consider a comfortable set up at the campground. A long leash will allow some freedom at the campsite or a portable pen for smaller dogs.  

Consider the local wildlife 

Keeping a clean site with food packed away is important to protect the local wildlife as well as your dinner! You don’t want to invite squirrels, chipmunks, or even bears into your site to help themselves to your food. 

Bring a wash bucket 

Don’t use the campground’s bathroom sinks to wash dishes or do your laundry. Be sure to bring a wash bucket or two (it’s handy to have one for rinsing!) so you can wash them at your site, and use biodegradable soap.  

Don’t forage for campfire wood 

Picking through the trees around your campsite for wood to burn is generally prohibited in campgrounds. Leave the forest ecosystem undisturbed and purchase wood from the camp store. 

Put your fire out completely 

Don’t leave your fire to smoulder if you’re heading out on a hike or in to bed, keep a jug of water handy to put it out completely.  

Mind your speed 

Watch for pedestrians out for a stroll, kids playing, and wildlife as you roll through the campground. 

Leave your site cleaner than you found it

Give nature a hand! Walk your site before you leave, picking up any trash you find left behind by you or previous campers.

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