Get your RV Ready for Fall Adventures

Before heading out for a fall adventure, don’t forget to stock your RV with warm bedding and comfort foods, and prepare your RV for cold weather. Check out our recommendations for getting your RV ready for an off-season trip.

Prepare your water system for cold weather

The very last thing you want is water freezing in your plumbing lines or holding tank. So if the temperatures are near or below freezing, travel with your RV winterized. Before use, when the tanks are empty, pour half a jug of RV antifreeze down the sink drain to the grey tank, and the other half down the toilet to the black tank, to ensure both are protected. If your site has hookups, invest in a heated water hose.

Questions about using your water system in cold weather? Talk to the experts at your local RV Care dealership.

Bring back-up heat

Carry an electric space heater to supplement your furnace, and act as a backup in case you run out of propane. Electric blankets are also a great way to stay warm at night.

Add vent cushions

We highly recommend equipping your RV with vent cushions. The inexpensive foam insulates your vents and prevents heat loss, making your ceiling more energy efficient.

Dress your bed in warm layers

Swap out your summer bedding for warm sheets (like the luxury microfibre sheet set from RV Traveler’s Choice), a heavier quilt, and extra throw blankets.

Bring in more Light

With earlier evenings in the fall, string up some awning lights for a nice, cozy glow, and bring along a few flameless LED candles for around your RV.

Re-stock your pantry

Take a minute to go through your pantry and give it a post-summer refresh, swapping out the iced tea for hot chocolate and restocking essentials that may be running low.

Head in to your local RV Care dealership to find everything you need to get your RV ready for trip this fall. Check out our website to locate your nearest dealership.


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