RVing in harmony with wildlife

Follow these tips to enjoy your time in nature while keeping yourself and your pets safe, and keeping wildlife wild.

Know before you go 

Before you head out, look online to see what wildlife you can expect to find. Check in with the campground operator or the local visitor centre for any advice or advisories.

Know what to do if you encounter wildlife 

Do you know how to react to an encounter with a cougar or a bear? Never run, as it can trigger the animal’s instinct to chase or attack. Stay calm, prepare your bear spray, and back away slowly without turning your back. Be fully prepared by learning more about what to do in each specific situation.

Keep a clean campsite 

Don’t invite animals to share your campsite by leaving food or garbage out. Anything with odour or food traces will draw wildlife in, including tools used to prepare food, coolers, food

wrappings, recyclables, pet food bowls, and any scented body products.

Never feed wildlife

Keep wildlife wild. Feeding wildlife will teach them to associate people with food sources, and can create dangerous situations.

Viewing safety 

Fall can be a great time for wildlife watching, but you also need to exercise caution in some areas. Breeding season, or rut, for elk, deer, moose and bison continues through the fall, and male animals are more aggressive during this time. If you see them, admire from a safe distance.

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