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Water Repellent Protector Stain & UV Barrier
Water Repellent & Stain Protector with UV Barrier provides long lasting and high performance water repellent & stain protector coats the fibers of canvas and fabrics thus making them waterproof and stain resistant. Use to protect tent, clothing, shoe, fabric furniture, car seat and carpet.


  • Maximum protection against water and moisture infiltrations.
  • Protects efficiently against stain, embedded grime and dust.
  • Durable UV barrier that protects against the sun.
  • Long lasting action.
  • Excellent for natural or synthetic fabric and leather.
  • Transparent finish that protects original colours.
  • Makes surfaces easier to clean.
  • Allows canvas and fabric to breathe and remain flexible.
1- Use MAGIC-BOSS™ CITRUS CLEANER to clean the surface to be treated and let dry.
2- Shake MAGIC-BOSS™ WATER REPELLENT well before using.
3- First test the product on an inconspicuous area of each type of surface prior to treating.
4- Use at a temperature higher than 18oC (65oC).
5- Hold nozzle 25 cm (10 in.) from surface and spray moderately with an even sweeping motion.
6- Let dry 1 hour on fabric and 6 hours on leather.
7- Apply a second coat if necessary. WARNING: Do not apply on suede.

: The manufacturer limits its responsibility to the refund of the product purchase price only.

CONTENTS AND FUMES MAY CATCH FIRE. CONTENTS HARMFUL. MAY IRRITATE EYES. MAY IRRITATE SKIN. CONTAINER MAY EXPLODE IF HEATED.  Do not smoke. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from flames, such as a pilot light, and any object that sparks, such as an electric motor. Handle with care. Do not swallow. Do not get in eyes or on skin or clothing. Do not breathe fumes. Keep out of reach of children. Do not puncture. Do not burn. Store away from heat. Wear rubber gloves and chemical safety glasses. Wear respirator in confined spaces.

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Water Repellent Protector Stain & UV Barrier