What do you need to account for when setting a budget for your next RV vacation? From fuel to firewood, read on for the expenses you may need to consider.

Before your trip

Before you leave home it’s a good idea to go through each cupboard and storage spot to take stock of your gear, so you know which broken or missing supplies will need to be purchased. Do the same with the food in your pantry, making a list of the needed groceries. If you’re leaving the country, don’t forget to buy travel insurance for any unseen emergencies.

On the road 

Once you’ve packed up and hit the road, fuel becomes the main expense. If you’re not sure where to start, try a trip cost calculator like GasBuddy. Unless you’ll be packing your own road trip snacks before leaving home, factor in money for dining out along your route, and you should also budget for the cost of filling your propane tank.

At the campground 

The biggest expense at the campground will be your site fee, but don’t forget to allocate cash for firewood, dump fees, or maybe even a few treats from the camp store. If you’re visiting a national park, you’ll need to budget for a park pass.

Just for fun

From guided tours to amusement park admission fees, research your destination and the activities you’ll want to enjoy while you’re there.

Contingency Fund

We all know that vacations don’t always go as planned. Have a contingency fund available for emergency repairs or replacing any important camping gear that you forgot at home.

Wherever you travel, remember that you can count on us. Download our app before you hit the road to easily find the nearest RV Care Dealership or, in the US, the Route 66 Network. Safe travels!


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